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Damn you Soom. Damn you to hell.

Just realized that Alphan looks like what my little Mikey character would look like as a teenager. Gaaah. So tempting to age him up and actually sell off the little dude.

Yes. Sell an actual doll. I mean he is adorable. No denying that. But posing is crap and he is really completely the wrong scale. Mikey is supposed to be six to Zoe's eight and right now size wise compared to everyone else he looks two or three. But then Zoe would have to be aged up too. Which wouldn't be hard, given customhouse's continual sales. The only hard part would her eyes really since they're droprops. But arg. Anguish. Am broke. Well. I have until the end of the month to figure it out.

Also thinking I might sell my msdoll Laura head. I love her, really. She's freaking gorgeous. But I have three other doll heads that need bodies. Poor, poor Jinx has been sitting in a box for a year with the lovely face-up that [ profile] lachlana gave her. I have no plans for the Laura head. She has no name and no backstory. I dunno. I scoured the net for her but...

I'm also considering maybe selling Jakk, my Sard. Yeah. I love him but... he just sits there. I've barely played with him at all since I got his parts painted since if I move him at all it chips. And the hooves are such a pain and half even unpainted. I'm going to swith his hooves for legs, see if that helps but if it doesn't he might be leaving.

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