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My neighbor is a wellspring of useful information.

Like, for example, the fact that our area is zoned agricultural. I could totally have that goat I wanted when I was eight. Or chickens!

Apparently to get that big tree in my front yard that is dying and surrounding the electrical wires taken out I need to call the mayor's action line. Since its less than 10 feet from the road when that big branch that arches out over the road falls and crushes someone? The lawsuit would not be against me, but the city. Hah. I'm going to call tomorrow, I bet it will be gone pretty quickly then.

For at least four years now they've been debating making Cooper four lanes, which would mean my neighbors would get imminent-domained. Suck. Seriously, the road is busy but its not that busy.

And I have further confirmation that the guy that built my house and theirs was probably completely insane. Just wow. The man wouldn't have known what a hallway was if it bit him in the ass. Our houses are old, but not a series of interconnected rooms old. And the middle room in their house? Cement brick and dirt. Yeah. Suddenly I'm glad for my slabs of cement, uneven though they are.

Whelp, time to dis-lodge the cats and get ready for work. Why do they only want on me when I need to be doing something else?
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