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September. Ack. For serious? Its been that long? I've thought about LJ and I've certainly been reading you but I didn't realize its been that long.

Sooo... brief run down, I guess?

Still have a boyfriend. Still Dustin. Is a happy thing.

More work has been done on the car. Wiped out out my savings with that. Gasket blew, main brake cylinder had to be replaced and seals had to be replaced on the gas tank. Bad car. Bad.

The house has been the biggest naughty thing this year. Back at the end of February we had torrential down pours here. They were at the just the right (and rather unusual) angle that the water pushed up against my back door and came in over the lintel. Fun! As is in total panic. I was in the living room and Siku started freaking out. Nothing unusual there, the cat is insane after all. But I got up to check the closet in my bedroom for that little bit of water I get occasionally and happened to glance at the back door and got to see the water gushing out of the crack. Cue about an hour of me freaking out, tossing everything I could in the living room since its several inches higher than the rest of the house, tossing some things and the cats in the car before the driveway turned into an island and going to my parent's house. By time I left the water around the house in the front halfway to my knees. The parents had no idea I was coming as this was after midnight and they weren't picking up the phone. Casey was going to come help me but her apartment complex entrance was flooded up almost to the top of her tires. I lost a few things but not as much as I could have. I had to stay with my parents for about month as everything had to be scrubbed down.

After that I had issues with the main sewer line as all the overflowing cause the stormdrains to back up into the sewers and up my main sewer line. It needs replacing actually. It was installed long enough go that the pipe are brick pipe instead of plastic. Oh. And the raging idiot that put it put the Y junction where the toilet joins the main line in backwards. Moron.

Additionally moronic is the fact that the chimney for the furnace and water heater is too short. Its level with the roof line actually and since its so very close to said roof line that the water heater, at least, backdrafts whenever a good wind comes over the roof. How did I find this out you ask? Well! When I was having issues with the aforementioned brake cylinder my dad had to bring me home one night. He was helping me carry things and I asked him if he smelled gas. Now, my dad has a truly crappy sense of smell. So when he said he smelled it we knew it was bad. Turns out all the backdrafting had resulted in so much carbon build up that the gas wasn't coming out in the proper spot anymore. There was talk of replacing it with an electric one but that fell through when we realized we might need a line upgrade. So I'm getting estimates on adding couple of feet to the chimney.

I got a citation from the city for my grass being too long... the day after the weather stopped working against me so I was able to mow.

I also tragically killed my laptop. I foolishly left a glass with some milk still in it next to it one morning when I was running late... left the laptop on... one of my dear evil minions knocked the glass over... fried the poor little laptop's brains. Dear Chris, who built my desktop so many years ago, managed to get this old beast back up and running so I was only computer less for a little over a month. I thought I was going to go crazy.

But really it hasn't been that bad. Yeah all this drama pops up, but otherwise things are cool. Work is okay, though they've had mandatory overtime 'bout every week this year so far. Friend of mine is trying to get a new LARP going, and he's asked me to be in charge of the fae. I am woefully behind from being without a computer, but once I get caught up and this thing gets going I think it will be awesome. Or blow up spectacularly. One of the two.

I've got two dolls I'm waiting for right now. Probably the only ones this year. One is body for Harlow, the lu-wen head I bought of off [ profile] lachlana and the other is a pukipuki Pongpong. Jinx finally has body, but her face-up got scratched so she is back at [ profile] lachlana.

And that is all I can think of for now.
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