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I've got a nook! Yes. I still will buy books. Really there is something terribly soothing about an actual physical book. The weight and the smell of it. But lets face it, an e-reader is much handier for travel than the bag of books I usually haul around. Not to mention, cheap/free books. The first 15 books of the Oz series for $.95? All the colored Fairy books for $.99? Yes please!

I've just passed the last name begins with "L" in the paper back book cataloging, which means the only other major letters left are "M" and "S". Halfway there, whoot. 1062 books so far. Yeah, no wonder my living room is a mess.

Attempting to get the house cleaned up. Bathroom, entryway and my bedroom have been cleaned (though already I see I need vacuum again, bloody cat fur). Kitchen, breakfast nook, green room and the living room are left. I was trying to get it all done by new years day. Not sure if that will actually happen since this is also Hell Week at work but, hey, its worth a try.

Murr, on the doll front I'm trying to sell off the Ring Doll Petter. I love the body, love the resin, but Harlow looks ridiculous on it and the head is kinda, meh, to me. I'm not in love. I just wish someone would buy it so I can get the body I do want. I think anyway. Never (msdoll Lauren) may actually be a guy, I'm thinking the non-muscle Angell Studio body. Its got such a cute little tummy. I'm thinking for Harlow, if the resin match is good, of the female Doll Chateau body, its just such an interesting shape. I have one payment left on Rosie and I got soomed by the adorable little Aenigma, getting her in the magenta with the human head via a split.

Speaking of Never, since that Fdoll body of Birdy's is still here, he's using it to hang out.

Been messing with Eleret's wig. Like the style better as the headband was a real pain to keep on but I think I like it better all frizzed out. I had wetted it down in a vain attempt to shrink the head cap so it lost a little volume

And now to bed as tomorrow will no doubt be completely bug nuts. After I make lunch for tomorrow though, the cafeteria staff has the day off.
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