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Feb. 10th, 2012 11:14 am
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Arg. Chain email letters. Not to be confused with chain letters. Chain letters prey on ones desire for luck. Chain emails rely on anything from ones desire for luck, guilt, the desire to protect total strangers... the list goes on.

But arg. People. Why can't they check the fact before posting or sending it on? Why even when its proven to be wrong people thank them for giving them misinformation? I. Don't. Get. It.

For example, friend of mine recently posted to facebook these, the Car Seat Lure and the Knockoff Pullover. I have seen these multiple times before, sent from co-workers and even my own parents. The Car Seat Lure, I don't really care about. Neither incident actually has been proven to have happened. But whatever. They don't hurt anyone except possibly the state of Michigan's police department. But Knockoff Pullover? Yes. Yes this can hurt someone. Both common versions of this email list numbers that can be used in the US to reach the police in an emergency that aren't 911. The original number was #77 which doesn't work at all and the second version indicates 112 which is an emergency number... in the UK.

Passing this around? Could hurt someone. Some silly person is going to read this email chain, get caught in similar situation to the one actually described in the email and foolishly call 112 instead of 911 and well... yeah.

I don't understand people.


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