May. 3rd, 2010

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So today is my da's surgery to remove his prostate.

It went great! His doctor said his anatomy was great (we're assuming that means that everything was where it is supposed to be) and that his surgery went like a walk through roses.

They actually had done in quite a bit less time than normal. Everything looked okay and everything hooked up right. We're still waiting for some news on some test but the hard part is done now. So yay!

In not so great news my car is dead. It can be resurrected but phoenix down is going to cost between 3800-4300 gil. For those of you that haven't been playing final fantasy for the past couple of days, fixing my car is going to be $3800-$4300. It started overheating after work Tuesday and after what happened last time it overheated I immediately pulled over.

I was hoping it was just going to be something easy, like the temperature gauge or the water pump! The water pump was still under warranty from the last time.

But alas no, we never do anything by halves in my family. The head gasket is cracked. On top of that the transmission needs rebuilt and brakes need work. Major work actually, apparently the calibers... which are supposed to release when you stop breaking... haven't been. Releasing that is. So I've been driving around with my brakes on.

But, given all that I've already had done this will be all but having the motor replaced. So the car could last another five years. I'm going to see if I can get a home equity loan or line of credit. If I can and it will cover this and my largest credit card then I will be golden. If not... well... we'll figure it out.

Now most people are saying I should just replace the car and there is a part of me that is tempted. BUT. I can't afford a new car. A good used car will run more than the repairs. I don't like clunkers after all the horror stories I've heard and there aren't exactly alot of good clunkers around anyway after Cash of Clunkers.

So. We'll see.


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