Aug. 1st, 2011

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September. Ack. For serious? Its been that long? I've thought about LJ and I've certainly been reading you but I didn't realize its been that long.

Sooo... brief run down, I guess?

Still have a boyfriend. Still Dustin. Is a happy thing.

More work has been done on the car. Wiped out out my savings with that. Gasket blew, main brake cylinder had to be replaced and seals had to be replaced on the gas tank. Bad car. Bad.

The house has been the biggest naughty thing this year. Mother Nature hates my house. )

I also tragically killed my laptop. I foolishly left a glass with some milk still in it next to it one morning when I was running late... left the laptop on... one of my dear evil minions knocked the glass over... fried the poor little laptop's brains. Dear Chris, who built my desktop so many years ago, managed to get this old beast back up and running so I was only computer less for a little over a month. I thought I was going to go crazy.

But really it hasn't been that bad. Yeah all this drama pops up, but otherwise things are cool. Work is okay, though they've had mandatory overtime 'bout every week this year so far. Friend of mine is trying to get a new LARP going, and he's asked me to be in charge of the fae. I am woefully behind from being without a computer, but once I get caught up and this thing gets going I think it will be awesome. Or blow up spectacularly. One of the two.

I've got two dolls I'm waiting for right now. Probably the only ones this year. One is body for Harlow, the lu-wen head I bought of off [ profile] lachlana and the other is a pukipuki Pongpong. Jinx finally has body, but her face-up got scratched so she is back at [ profile] lachlana.

And that is all I can think of for now.


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