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So far this year sucks ass.

Let us see.

Family friend died of leukemia.
Aunt died.
Friend's Aunt died.
Another friend's roommate died.

Cousin has been diagnosed with lymphoma, just today. We're waiting to hear what kind.
Da has a biopsy next week as he possibly has prostate cancer.

Da lost his job.

I was in a (thankfully minor) car accident.

I really hope the year is just getting the suck out of the way and it gets better.
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The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Moderate
Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Moderate
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)High
Level 7 (Violent)Very High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Moderate
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante's Divine Comedy Inferno Test

Still in the 7th level. Go me!
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Can someone please explain to me what the fuck this guy is trying to say? This was posted on facebook in a reply to my cousin post where in she protests the repeal of same sex marriage in Massachusetts.

Cut for gianty paragraphs of what the hell? )

Maybe its the paint fumes but... Bwhaaaaa?
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Well I suppose I was do for it.

I was in an accident today. Little old lady pulled out in front of me. I tried to stop, but even if I hadn't hydroplaned I still would have hit her. No one was hurt and the damage on my car appears to be minimal.

But at least the insurance adjuster agrees that its all her fault. Because it was. But I haven't had an accident in nearly ten years. Mistake-boy sticking my car in the ditch doesn't count, I wasn't driving after all! So very annoying though, arg.

And I can't find my copy of Flower Drum Song. Grr.
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Well I'm behind where I wanted to be in my painting but still look good for finishing this weekend. Tonight I'm finishing the closet and woodwork in the office, tomorrow should be kicking the ass of the living room. Just taking a break at the mo. Even thought paint isn't anywhere near as fume-y as it was even ten years ago it gets a bit much in a closet. Yarg, but I hate edging and wood work though. And you know, for something that only has one freaking door, there is a lot of edging to do in a closet.

Someone out there who reads this obviously is going to think, "Why are you painting the closets, Lindsay?" Because it looks nicer, cleaner and makes them seem bigger. That and the closet in the office and the front closet were really nasty. The previous owner's unholy terror apparently thought hanging from the closet bar and "walking" up the wall was fun. As well as drawing in crayon and marker in the closet. The front closet also had strange burns on it, like someone had held something hot next to the paint long enough to burn the color but not actually the paint. If that makes sense?

In other news the sluggish shifting in my car is not, as I was told two years or so ago, due to me needing to flush the transmission fluid. It is in fact due to that fact that I'm apparently missing first gear. I'll be taking it in sometime next week to find out how much it will hurt me to get it fixed and how urgent it is.
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Day one of my vacation is going well.

Today was pick up all the junk day. And there was alot, mostly due to the fact that Momo and Siku are real pros at finding my packing materials and scattering them to all corners of the house.

Tomorrow morning I hope to have the living and possibly the office cleaned to the point of being able to start painting. Tomorrow afternoon I hope to go get some supplies and possibly knock off the office closet (yay storage!) and at least get the ceiling in the living room primed.

Friday will hopefully see me finishing off the living room. Saturday I want to get the tv cabinet my Uncle Bud and Aunt Carol let me have sanded, primed and painted white. Yeeeah. White. Its rather old and a bit beat up. Seriously the thing has a drawer just for storing VHS. I'm all nostalgic over it. I'm also going to be switching out the handles for ones that match the ones on the kitchen cabinets. Woohoo, tying the decor together.

Sunday will hopefully see me vegetating in my nice purple living room watching the TV in its nice new-to-me cabinet.

After that all I'll have left is woodwork in my room and the entry woodwork and closet and toughing up the bathroom and the breakfast nook. All that is primed so all I need to do in there is paint. There will be two more pieces of furniture to paint; the frame for my bed and this stool I have in the bathroom that my Aunt Pamm gave me.

Then I can start saving up for my next project. Shelving in the living room for alllll my books. *glee*

Yarg, so close I can almost smell it!
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Dear Dad,

Your confidence in me in overwhelming. I've told you I'm fucking taking the last of my vacation time for this year to finish painting the living room.

I've told you this. And yet just now, I get the distinct fucking feeling that you think I'm not going to do it. I'm half inclined to not do it just to give you the metaphorical finger. Except I want it done. I want it painted smokey grape and have awesome get togethers and doll meets.

And yes, I want to go ahead and have the entertainment center thingy put in the house. Yes I'll have to move it and paint around it and shit but I'm already going to be doing that aren't I? There are two sofas, a coffee table and the table the tv is already residing on in here. Yes you have a dolly that could be used to haul it in from the garage but I have a gravel driveway full of leaves. The dolly is going to be a pain in the fucking ass to move over the gravel. Shifting it won't be that hard. And I have multiple tarps to cover it with. If I drip on it I will wipe it off.


Additionally, I didn't fall asleep until after 6 am today. I am not in the best mood right now in the first place. And I burst in to tears on my mom while I was talking to her after I was talking to pop.
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Well now that I have bathed, vacuumed the area in question, spritzed it down with orange-oxi Natural Miracle and tossed the clothes in the wash with a generous measure of oxiclean, I can now quit freaking out.

So. Today the alarm dude is coming to install my shiny new alarm. Now the in the corner of the living room there is a door that was up until about an hour ago being blocked by a folding table. I don't use that door right now, it leads to the porch that this summer was infested with carpenter bees so, hence blocked door. But I want the alarm put on that door too since eventually there will be no carpenter bees and eventually I will use that porch for its intended purpose.

So I clear off the table and pick up the books. Next to the table is a basket of clean clothes (that Eby can attest has been sitting there for a good long while). Some of them have fallen out. I start picking them up and smell something strange. My first inclination is that one of my darling little miscreants had fouled them in retaliation for something.

In a way I was right. It was undoubtedly one or more of the cat's fault but they were trying to be helpful I imagine.




It had obviously been there for a good while too as it was a bit dessicated.

Where are these birds coming from? You might recall a few weeks ago I caught Pixie carrying a live bird around the house. The windows literally have not been opened since last year. The fireplace is blocked both by glass doors and a screen. There is the possibility that they flew in the door while I was going in or out at some point but... I go in and out very quickly. My dear minions are indoor cats and while Pixie and Siku were taken in as strays from outside and seem to respect the road (in that they weren't run over), Momo has never been outside save in a carrier. My dear little Momo would undoubtedly run out into the street and get run over first thing. It is a mystery.
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Funniest mating ritual ever.

Just in case people haven't seen it. Go ahead [ profile] birdgirl78 click on it. You've probably already seen it but...yeah.
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Bold the books you've read & liked or loved
Strike the books you've read but didn't enjoy
Italicise the books you want to read
(optional: any books on this list you feel ought to be challenged? Tell us why!)

feel free to repost
53! My brain is a 1/3 banned XD )

Say what you like about Indianapolis, at least we have an awesome library system. Oh look, Zilpha Snyder and Bruce Coville I haven't read! ...why are they on here? I know why all the Judy Blume and Roald Dahl (stupid reasons) and even why In the Night Kitchen (OMG! A drawing of a naked little boy!). I just can't make my brain go conservative enough to understand how Castle in the Attic could be offensive I guess.
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I'm awake. I need to be asleep. I have to wake up in few hours to take my Da to the hospital for surgery.

But ARG. Fuck. Fuck you. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. BITE ME BITCH! Yes you. Girlfriend of my ex. I don't like you, I've never liked you and I should probably clarify here; I am not talking about Brian here :D I still like all you guys.

Don't you DARE get bitchy at me when I regretfully am not able to come out tomorrow for J's bday party. You gave me less than a week to get the night off... from my job where I work the fucking nightshift. My job, where getting one of the crotchy day shift people to switch shifts is a dance requiring several weeks, especially for a friday night. My job that I can't afford to skip out on, since, you know, I like having one. Unlike you, I like to keep my job for the long term, so much less stressful.

I am sorry we haven't kept in better touch J. Really. But seriously. Its not an easy thing to do when we can't track of you. Apparently you live in Brownsburg now. Last I heard you lived in Avon. Just keep getting farther and farther away. Its hard to keep in touch when you can't bothered to reply to messages or email even though we see you've been on... oh wait. That wasn't you, that was your girlfriend "checking" your messages for you. Certain people you that lived with briefly say she won't let you get online. Don't know if that is true, but I can certainly see that happening.

I suppose I could call, but fuck, you know I hate calling people when I don't know who the fuck might pick up. I've told you this. It was different back in the days of landlines, but even then it was a bit nerveracking. Especially when I know one of the people is someone I rather loathe. For that matter I don't know what you work anymore, I wouldn't want to get you in trouble calling where ever it is you work now. I would text, but I don't know who is on the other end, do I?

Y'know. You could call too. Or text. Or email. Myspace. Something. doodyhead. I dare say, had I at my birthday, attempted to get you to come out I would have gotten some excuse that boiled down to "I'm a lazy ass who can't be bothered to put forth the effort." 'Cuz that is what you usually do.

Emo desu, stupid period.

In conclusion, ARG. I'm going to try and sleep now.
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Today was made of Suck.

The members were annoying. I worked from 9:30 am until 10pm. I only got about four hours of sleep because Momo wanted to play. All. Night. Long. I was this close to packing her in a box and mailing her to Abu Dhabi.

Voot broke down on Thursday and I thought (hoped) it was merely a faulty water pump. An inexpensive thing to fix. And it was a faulty water pump.

Except of course we don't do anything by halves in my family, it didn't just stop working, oh no. It in fact froze up, broke apart and went skipping about my engine. That screaming noise my car was making was in fact my car screaming. So its going to cost me about $500 that I don't actually have to fix it. I briefly entertained the idea of just getting a new car but mom pointed out that my insurance would go up and I can't afford a car payment and higher insurance right at the moment.

But. All this pales in comparison to the last thing that happened today. This won't mean anything to most you... except those couple of you that played in the Shared Universe back in the days when LARPing was shiny and new. Well gothy and new anyway.

Remember Phil? Played a Tremere out of Fort Wayne, character only had one eye; player had the most horrible, terrible cough ever, like he was hacking up a lung. Well, I had lost contact with him, with most of the Fort Wayne players besides Laura and Ted actually. And well facebook is a wonderful thing. Except for when newly refound friends tell you that other friends you've been looking for have died.

Yeah. Don't know when exactly, I didn't ask. And I felt really shitty 'cuz when I read that my brain went completely blank and I couldn't be certain if the name was matching up with the face properly. I had to ask if that who it was.

I mean is doesn't come as a terrible shock, I was kinda expecting it. Dude had Cystic Fibrosis after all. He really could have been hacking up a lung. And as I recall he once told me the doctors had told him he wouldn't live past twelve and he was in his twenties then.

I remember him joking that he was going to clean out his closet so I could go live there and give him back massages all the time since I could actually get it to relax for a little bit. And its not surprising given all that. But. Emoemoemodesu. I was really rather hoping that I would be pleasantly surprised and stumble across him on facebook or have him show up one night when Eby pokes me onto AIM. And I've always regretted that I never got up the guts to tell him that I like liked him. stupid.

Damn, annual fall depression getting an early start this year. 19 years soon, Grandpa.
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So. I guess I have a new cat.

This lovely little calico has been wandering through my yard since Saturday. Yesterday before work my neighbor around the corner (guy that helped me with my lawn) came over, calico following him to ask if she was mine as he knew that Pixie is calico and was worried that she had gotten out. This little girl is super friendly comes right up to me and begs to be pet, and then followed me all over the yard. Really pretty too, medium to long coat, mostly black and orange. Her right front leg is black, left one is orange and all her feet are white. Her tail is striped like a racoon's and her topside is almost completely black and orange, her belly, chest and chin are white.

The calico decided to stick around my yard so I put some water and food out for her on the back porch. I didn't want her wandering around the front if I can help it. 60th St and Cooper are both super busy for residential streets.

Last night I got her in the garage. My dear sister pointed out that she might be chipped and so today I took her to my vet's to check.

Alas, no. She also isn't fixed. She also has been pregnant at least once. She did test negative for FeLV. My vet thinks she about Momo's age, a year to a year and half.

My vet thinks she been outside for several weeks at least, and since he works with feral spay/release program and routinely rescues strays and rehomes them when they are still friendly, I'm guessing he knows what he is talking about.

The good news is he said since this was (obviously) unexpected and I would be saving the kitty from the streets and littering the neighborhood as he put it he would be happy to set up a payment plan for the shots and spaying. I love my vet. She goes in next Wednesday to get spayed.

Now I have to think of a name.
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I think I'm finally starting to come out of my "Lindsay-does-an-impression-of-a-hermit" cycle. Buuuut. I'm not to the point actually going to events or things... or places with large numbers of people like the party next store. Oh hell, lets face it, I'm never big on large groups of people, especially ones I don't know. But still. GenCon is only two weeks away and I haven't even been to a larp since... march?

But its annoying because I'm half way out of hermit cycle and just starting "Lindsay-wants-to-do-stuff!!" I find myself realizing I want to do something to late to really do anything or find someone to do something with.

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Right oh, so I turned 29 this past Wednesday. Rather a good birthday!

Mom and I went to the Spaghetti Factory for lunch. Mizithra cheese, yum. We went to Midlands Antique and Art Mall, where I saw many things I would love to have but can't possibly afford and to White River Salvage where there were many more things I would love to have... and even if I could afford it, where would I put a staircase that was meant to go with 12 ft ceilings? Ah well. I did buy a brass door knob. Its rather pretty; I'm going to be putting it on my bedroom door. I think I'm going to replace all the basic indoor knobs with old ones.

The parental units are buying me a lawn mower (yay!) as my birthday present. Okay I don't really like mowing all that much, but it saves me money, its good exercise... Speaking of yard work Pop surprised me Tuesday by coming by and cleaning out my gutter and trimming the tree branches that were hanging over the roof, still need to clean the mess up but yay!

We had steak for dinner. They were huge. Mom cooked them perfectly.

I'm off until Monday, the rest of the week is going to consist of cleaning, painting and dolls. Pretty much in that order too.

Third time is the charm? )
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I don't know what to do.

I keep the kitty litterbox clean. Everyday, at the most every other.

Momo occasionally pisses on things but I attributed that more to the fact that she was in heat than anything else.


Last night my house smelled funny. Its been humid and it was kinda humid basement smell so I figured it was that. Left the doors open and the smell went away.

Tonight it smelled worse. So I thought, hey its been awhile since I put bleach in the pit, so I dumped some bleach in there.

Then I heard Momo scratching something in my bedroom so I went to chase her off what ever it was.

And stepped in cat shit. With no shoes on. I STEPPED IN CAT SHIT WITH NO SHOES ON!!!! ArrrjjjjjjrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Now, as many of you know, there is nothing I dislike worse that shit. I can't stand it. It makes me nauseous. My sister can tell you an amusing story of me babysitting for a child she normally babysat and calling her freaking out because the kid had blown out her diaper and the diapers weren't where I was told they would be.

I digress. I screamed a little and cleaned up. I closed the bedroom door as I'm not currently sleeping in there. But I don't know what to do. I think it was probably Momo, but I didn't see it so I can't be certain. I don't know what I'm going to do if it keeps up and I figure out who did it, since I don't know why it was done. Ack. Beside maybe go scrub my foot again. I swear I can still feel it. *whimpers* I don't like poop.
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So my grass was very very long. As in past my knees and up to hip height in some places. Combination of me not having an easily accessed lawnmower and all the freaking rain we've had. Every single time I had the day off and I wasn't busy it rained or had just rained so the grass was too wet.

Today I said screw it and started weed whacking the front yard. I figured I would get it down to a manageable height and if it didn't rain tomorrow mow it. Now apparently dude that does all the landscaping on these rental properties down the street and keeps the lawn mowed in this 4 acres lot back behind me had be trying to catch me at home (not realizing I work evenings and that was why I was never home) to see if I would like to hire him to get my lawn under control (cool thing, he repairs lawn mowers and has one almost fixed that he might sell me). It was more than I really wanted to pay, but considering all the work that needs done and the fact that he said I could take a little time to pay him clinched the deal.

But I feel like such a tool now since I know bunnies like to hide in long grass and they've cutting trees down in the field down the street. I even thought "self you really ought to go back there and try to flush out anything hiding." But I didn't and the lawn dude hit a baby bunny. The lady next door was like "just kill it and put it out of its misery." I don't even like killing centipedes and I hate those evil bastards, there is no way I could just kill a bunny.

Luckily, it just sorta skinned one side of it face. It lost its eye, but the bone wasn't damaged at all that the rehab lady I was able to find could see. She said people had brought her bunnies in far worse condition and since it took me over an hour to get it to her it obviously wanted to live. Barring anything unforeseen happening she think it will make a full recovery. And if it can't be released back into the wild she has a friend that takes care of bunnies like that.

Still feel like a tool though.
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Iplehouse? Is evil. Evil I tell you. Bastards.

Also, my fellow naru-tards, does anyone else think they look like ANBU?
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Be the Ultimate Ninja! Play Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN today!

C'mon, come play, its fun!
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Dear Fox News,

Not surprisingly you seem to misunderstand the first amendment.

We have free speech. Yes we really do, we can say anything we damn well please. What freedom of speech doesn't guarantee us is freedom from consequences.

I am perfectly free to go into a crowded theater and yell "FIRE!" Afterward the police will feel perfectly free to arrest my ass for causing a stampede, danger to people, the property and possibly even bring me up on accidental death charges.

So yes, the blond twit that is Miss California is perfectly free to say she doesn't believe in same-sex marriage. And the judges are perfectly free to make frowny faces at her and name someone else Miss America.

Cause and Effect. Sit on it and spin you stupid, lying, over-reactionary, conservative, bigoted, sneaky bastards. And this is me, exercising my freedom of speech. NYAH!

EDIT: Furthermore, my dear conservative co-workers, I really don't want to talk politics with you are work. Yuor knowledge of the politics I've found to be faulty most of the time. And no, I'm not saying that just because you're conservtive. I have enough stomach problems as it is, thank you.
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