Mar. 17th, 2014 01:22 am
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I have temper. Most people don't realize I this, as I've worked for years to get to the point where I don't let it rule me. I realized I didn't want to be that person as it was destructive for both me and the people I interact with.

It take a lot to actually piss me off these days.

But you know a sure fire way to piss me off? Betray my confidence. If I explain an issue I have with someone else and then say I will talk to them about it once I am less grumbly than that means I will fucking talk to them when I am fucking ready to! This is for everyone's betterment.

This does not mean you immediately turn around the same day and tell them my issues.

Case in point. My beloved Changeling LARP. We have a new ST. I have issues with how he runs it. Matt (my roommate) also has issues, to the point that he doesn't want to go to the game anymore. I'm still willing to give it a chance, even though when we tried to explain this to the new ST he basically blew us off. Now the game is probably going to have to be reset because its gotten that messed up. Its perfectly understandable that Matt doesn't want to play now. He put a ton of effort into his character, creating a plot that got the whole game involved and probably not even going to be able to see the end of it? Kinda sucks. In game reasons, that would be okay, he was constantly surprised that his character lived another day.

So today another member of the troupe asks if we're still going to play and I explain that Matt probably isn't, but I am, though I have serious reservations. And lo and behold this evening the ST posts to the board the exact things I had issues with. Nice to know I can't trust my friend to keep things in confidence. Nice to know that ST will listen to people when it isn't me talking.

I am not a power gamer. I don't ask for special treatment and I like to let the plot take me where it will. But I hate monster of the week, I don't like hand wavey oh you killed the dragon yay bullshit (yes this happened. Major plot leading up to this for the entire year and it ends in less than minute game time. Killing a dragon. No.), I don't like everything being sunshine and light when its the freaking World of Darkness.

And now I don't know want to do as I don't want to blow up at people. But I can feel the tightness spreading through my shoulders and back and up around my skull. I just want to smash something right now I guess.

EDIT: My friend replied. Apparently the ST asked him for feedback and he gave it as I wasn't the only one who said the things I told him. So I've calmed down considerably. Still though, warn a girl!
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Sometime I actually ought to post here for happy reasons.

But I'm so very annoyed at Jacob for the stupidest thing, one of those damned facebook "privacy" posts that tell you to do stupid shit that won't work to protect your so called privacy on facebook. He refuses to see that redistributing the stupid things really does exasperate the situation. If nothing else explaining them to people annoys the hell out of me and everyone like me that has to continually explain to people how things work.

And I guess I've finally come to the realization that I'm done. Like so many other people I've tried to help that boy so much over the past decade. I've held out longer than most. But there comes a point where you just have to throw in the towel and realize that trying to help him is no longer helpful. I can only give so much. I'm not saying I'm going to unfriend him... not like he has to several friends of ours... but I've blocked his feed. Part of me is pissed and part of me is kind of relieved. But sad.

But hey! In the good news front, I have a new roommate. My friend Matt has moved in with me! He cooks, cleans and is adorable... pity he's gay. Oh well XD
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Bold ones I've seen.

AFI Top 100 thrills )

Pet peeve

Feb. 10th, 2012 11:14 am
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Arg. Chain email letters. Not to be confused with chain letters. Chain letters prey on ones desire for luck. Chain emails rely on anything from ones desire for luck, guilt, the desire to protect total strangers... the list goes on.

But arg. People. Why can't they check the fact before posting or sending it on? Why even when its proven to be wrong people thank them for giving them misinformation? I. Don't. Get. It.

For example, friend of mine recently posted to facebook these, the Car Seat Lure and the Knockoff Pullover. I have seen these multiple times before, sent from co-workers and even my own parents. The Car Seat Lure, I don't really care about. Neither incident actually has been proven to have happened. But whatever. They don't hurt anyone except possibly the state of Michigan's police department. But Knockoff Pullover? Yes. Yes this can hurt someone. Both common versions of this email list numbers that can be used in the US to reach the police in an emergency that aren't 911. The original number was #77 which doesn't work at all and the second version indicates 112 which is an emergency number... in the UK.

Passing this around? Could hurt someone. Some silly person is going to read this email chain, get caught in similar situation to the one actually described in the email and foolishly call 112 instead of 911 and well... yeah.

I don't understand people.
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Rosie is here!

Boss inspection!

Okay she has no face-up, her wig isn't here, her eyes haven't even been ordered and I love her to pieces already. She's so derpy and serene looking all at the same time. Like she acts silly so you don't realize she's totally got you outmaneuvered. Alas, Rosie has highlighted the fact that Kes can't stand worth a damn so I need to figure something out. Damn dollmore model body.

Its now very obvious to me that I'm making the right decision in (trying) to sell Petter. I wasn't even half as excited for his arrival.
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I've got a nook! Yes. I still will buy books. Really there is something terribly soothing about an actual physical book. The weight and the smell of it. But lets face it, an e-reader is much handier for travel than the bag of books I usually haul around. Not to mention, cheap/free books. The first 15 books of the Oz series for $.95? All the colored Fairy books for $.99? Yes please!

I've just passed the last name begins with "L" in the paper back book cataloging, which means the only other major letters left are "M" and "S". Halfway there, whoot. 1062 books so far. Yeah, no wonder my living room is a mess.

Attempting to get the house cleaned up. Bathroom, entryway and my bedroom have been cleaned (though already I see I need vacuum again, bloody cat fur). Kitchen, breakfast nook, green room and the living room are left. I was trying to get it all done by new years day. Not sure if that will actually happen since this is also Hell Week at work but, hey, its worth a try.

Murr, on the doll front I'm trying to sell off the Ring Doll Petter. I love the body, love the resin, but Harlow looks ridiculous on it and the head is kinda, meh, to me. I'm not in love. I just wish someone would buy it so I can get the body I do want. I think anyway. Never (msdoll Lauren) may actually be a guy, I'm thinking the non-muscle Angell Studio body. Its got such a cute little tummy. I'm thinking for Harlow, if the resin match is good, of the female Doll Chateau body, its just such an interesting shape. I have one payment left on Rosie and I got soomed by the adorable little Aenigma, getting her in the magenta with the human head via a split.

Speaking of Never, since that Fdoll body of Birdy's is still here, he's using it to hang out.

Been messing with Eleret's wig. Like the style better as the headband was a real pain to keep on but I think I like it better all frizzed out. I had wetted it down in a vain attempt to shrink the head cap so it lost a little volume

And now to bed as tomorrow will no doubt be completely bug nuts. After I make lunch for tomorrow though, the cafeteria staff has the day off.
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Dolls dolls dolls. Its been awhile since I talked dolls. DOLLS )
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Dustin broke up with me tonight.

For stupid stupid reason. Said that he wasn't good enough for me and I deserve better and that he didn't treat me as good as I deserved. Which is just silly. He treated me better than anyone. Even when breaking up with me.

I know he has issues. He drinks entirely too much. He's never really going to get over Kelly. But I didn't care about that. I love him. It doesn't matter. He said he's been biting his tongue lately cuz he wants to make nasty comments and lash out. But not at me. He said that I was that sweetest, sanest girl he knew and that he couldn't understand why I stayed with him. He's broken and doesn't think he can connect properly to anyone and that he'll never have a healthy relationship with anyone and I deserve more than that.

He said if we ever moved in together he didn't see either of us ever getting unpacked. I said basically well no duh. I haven't been completely unpacked like ever and neither has he.

He said I was pretty and smart and awesome and he didn't deserve that cuz he doesn't think he can care for me as deeply as I do for him. Which also doesn't matter. I can't help that I feel deep. Its just the way I am.

I keep hoping I'll wake up.
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September. Ack. For serious? Its been that long? I've thought about LJ and I've certainly been reading you but I didn't realize its been that long.

Sooo... brief run down, I guess?

Still have a boyfriend. Still Dustin. Is a happy thing.

More work has been done on the car. Wiped out out my savings with that. Gasket blew, main brake cylinder had to be replaced and seals had to be replaced on the gas tank. Bad car. Bad.

The house has been the biggest naughty thing this year. Mother Nature hates my house. )

I also tragically killed my laptop. I foolishly left a glass with some milk still in it next to it one morning when I was running late... left the laptop on... one of my dear evil minions knocked the glass over... fried the poor little laptop's brains. Dear Chris, who built my desktop so many years ago, managed to get this old beast back up and running so I was only computer less for a little over a month. I thought I was going to go crazy.

But really it hasn't been that bad. Yeah all this drama pops up, but otherwise things are cool. Work is okay, though they've had mandatory overtime 'bout every week this year so far. Friend of mine is trying to get a new LARP going, and he's asked me to be in charge of the fae. I am woefully behind from being without a computer, but once I get caught up and this thing gets going I think it will be awesome. Or blow up spectacularly. One of the two.

I've got two dolls I'm waiting for right now. Probably the only ones this year. One is body for Harlow, the lu-wen head I bought of off [ profile] lachlana and the other is a pukipuki Pongpong. Jinx finally has body, but her face-up got scratched so she is back at [ profile] lachlana.

And that is all I can think of for now.
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My neighbor is a wellspring of useful information.

Like, for example, the fact that our area is zoned agricultural. I could totally have that goat I wanted when I was eight. Or chickens!

Apparently to get that big tree in my front yard that is dying and surrounding the electrical wires taken out I need to call the mayor's action line. Since its less than 10 feet from the road when that big branch that arches out over the road falls and crushes someone? The lawsuit would not be against me, but the city. Hah. I'm going to call tomorrow, I bet it will be gone pretty quickly then.

For at least four years now they've been debating making Cooper four lanes, which would mean my neighbors would get imminent-domained. Suck. Seriously, the road is busy but its not that busy.

And I have further confirmation that the guy that built my house and theirs was probably completely insane. Just wow. The man wouldn't have known what a hallway was if it bit him in the ass. Our houses are old, but not a series of interconnected rooms old. And the middle room in their house? Cement brick and dirt. Yeah. Suddenly I'm glad for my slabs of cement, uneven though they are.

Whelp, time to dis-lodge the cats and get ready for work. Why do they only want on me when I need to be doing something else?
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So. Jakk is leaving and for a hot minute my MSDoll Laura head was on the chopping block.

But I try to give everyone a chance, even floating heads with no name and no story.

And damn. She's stolen Jakk's eyes (because, hey they were the right size) and Jakk's wig (it looks better on her then the wig I was thinking about using on her). If the resin match wasn't so lousy I would be having a dolly body war right now between her and Saru.

She might even be a boy. I dunno. She's being terribly ambiguous.

Lousy pictures, as the lights in my house suck, but still. Sneeeaky little thing.


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Selling my Sard. Its time. Local people and people on my flist, if you want him I'll be willing to work with you on layaway and knock a little off the price, I rather like him to go somewhere I know he'll be taken care of.

Link to DoA 'cuz I'm lazy.
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Damn you Soom. Damn you to hell.

Just realized that Alphan looks like what my little Mikey character would look like as a teenager. Gaaah. So tempting to age him up and actually sell off the little dude.

Yes. Sell an actual doll. I mean he is adorable. No denying that. But posing is crap and he is really completely the wrong scale. Mikey is supposed to be six to Zoe's eight and right now size wise compared to everyone else he looks two or three. But then Zoe would have to be aged up too. Which wouldn't be hard, given customhouse's continual sales. The only hard part would her eyes really since they're droprops. But arg. Anguish. Am broke. Well. I have until the end of the month to figure it out.

Also thinking I might sell my msdoll Laura head. I love her, really. She's freaking gorgeous. But I have three other doll heads that need bodies. Poor, poor Jinx has been sitting in a box for a year with the lovely face-up that [ profile] lachlana gave her. I have no plans for the Laura head. She has no name and no backstory. I dunno. I scoured the net for her but...

I'm also considering maybe selling Jakk, my Sard. Yeah. I love him but... he just sits there. I've barely played with him at all since I got his parts painted since if I move him at all it chips. And the hooves are such a pain and half even unpainted. I'm going to swith his hooves for legs, see if that helps but if it doesn't he might be leaving.

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Arg, I hate the the period of time when you've just kind of started dating someone and aren't sure what is going on. So very awkward. It doesn't help our schedules clash quite a bit, he has no computer (crazy, I know right?) and I hate talking on phones (which is funny seeing as I do it for a living). It feels like my brains turn to mush and leak out my ears when I have to call him.

Actually, if I have to call anyone other then my parents, sister or clients. My family is, well, family and I don't have to meet the client in real life, just be polite and explain things in simple words.

I hate phones. HATE. Email and texting aren't that much better really. But I feel less awkward since I can edit my response before replying. I can't edit spoken words and sometimes my brain is waaaay ahead of my words and they get all jumbled to boot. I stutter and get my tongue tied on occasion even. Not literally of course, not even my tongue is that flexible.
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So today is my da's surgery to remove his prostate.

It went great! His doctor said his anatomy was great (we're assuming that means that everything was where it is supposed to be) and that his surgery went like a walk through roses.

They actually had done in quite a bit less time than normal. Everything looked okay and everything hooked up right. We're still waiting for some news on some test but the hard part is done now. So yay!

In not so great news my car is dead. It can be resurrected but phoenix down is going to cost between 3800-4300 gil. For those of you that haven't been playing final fantasy for the past couple of days, fixing my car is going to be $3800-$4300. It started overheating after work Tuesday and after what happened last time it overheated I immediately pulled over.

I was hoping it was just going to be something easy, like the temperature gauge or the water pump! The water pump was still under warranty from the last time.

But alas no, we never do anything by halves in my family. The head gasket is cracked. On top of that the transmission needs rebuilt and brakes need work. Major work actually, apparently the calibers... which are supposed to release when you stop breaking... haven't been. Releasing that is. So I've been driving around with my brakes on.

But, given all that I've already had done this will be all but having the motor replaced. So the car could last another five years. I'm going to see if I can get a home equity loan or line of credit. If I can and it will cover this and my largest credit card then I will be golden. If not... well... we'll figure it out.

Now most people are saying I should just replace the car and there is a part of me that is tempted. BUT. I can't afford a new car. A good used car will run more than the repairs. I don't like clunkers after all the horror stories I've heard and there aren't exactly alot of good clunkers around anyway after Cash of Clunkers.

So. We'll see.
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I got an email about this at work today...

Just a reminder that the pink sheet that came with your property tax information must be in by Friday or the homestead exemption will be removed from your home and your taxes will go up!

I personally don't remember there being a pink sheet in my property tax info, so I'm calling my mortgage company to check tomorrow. But here is a link the form.
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I had the most wonderful phone call to start my day. My Da's prostate cancer hasn't metastasized! I must do the dance of JOY! He has surgery on May 3rd and there is recovery after that. But no chemo! Isn't that glorious?
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Oh such an eventful type week.

Good news!
My little cousin Braden doesn't have Lymphoma, just really bad, tricksy mono.

Except for vacuuming my kitchen is clean. I'm getting ready to clean up the entryway too.

Its warm enough (to me anyway) that I have both the doors open to the screen to let the breeze in. Nicey nice.

I'm getting a new doll.

Bad news!
My dad has Prostate Cancer. Sucktastic. He had a biopsy last week and two out of the twelve areas they biopsied were positive. The good news prostate cancer has a very high recovery rate.

But still. I don't hardly ever ask, but what ever flavor religion or not religion you are, keep my da in your thought and prayers please?
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Today is better than last week.

I've done about eleventybillion... okay five... loads of laundry today. And actually folded, hung up and put them away. So actually truly done. Except for the socks. Evil things, with their not matching anything that I've finished processing yet.

The dishes are clean. Did you know, I have a counter top in my kitchen? I was kind of starting to wonder where it was.

And I cooked. I made chicken that I had marinated in applejuice and garlic and it is yummy. I'm trying to find a chicken pot pie recipe that actually sounds good and doesn't require a pound of salt. Anyone?

This week I'm working on painting the closet in my bedroom and turning my bed back into a bed instead of a glorified dresser. And painting the woodwork in the living room so I can put the furniture back. Although, part of me wants leave the drop cloths down. They're so much easier to clean cat puke up off of than this wretched carpet.
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