Jan. 4th, 2004

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Survived another year. Yay, go me. Went to the New Years party at Fusion. Egan was supposed to come to but when I called to find out when he wanted to leave I was told he had to go "work some things" out with Jess and Stormy. Rrrright tell me another one. Suffice to say I don't really believe that something came up between the three of them that absolutely had to be taken care of on New Year's Eve. Going to have a little talk with him as soon as I can get him alone, because if he was just telling me that to placate me so he could party with them... well... we all know that I'd rather be told the truth about whats going on then lied to. Because it is inevitable. If you lie to me I will (eventually) find out about it. It may take hours it, it may take years, but I will find out about it and I will pissed as all hell when I do.

And I had to work both New Year's Eve and Day. Very unfair in my book even if the store was only open from 11-7. I could probably have gone home with someone I used to game with way back when (winkwink nudgenudge say no more if ya know what I mean). He always used to hit on me then... but he lives in Lebanon, so no go.

Amanda rather drunkenly asked me if I hated her. I told her I didn't. Which is true, I don't hate her per se. I'm just not terribly fond of her or her family anymore. All of them have been horribly mean to my family in the past, not outright mean mind you but that sneaky, gossipy, going behind your back and having an oh so superior attitude when they do actually talk to you sort of mean. I hate that. Maybe Amanda's changed, maybe she hasn't, I'm just not really in the mood to find out right now.

Kind of a negative way to start the year. But it's gotten better already, so I have some hope. Saw Peter Pan Friday with Kearan and Jack, very good movie btw, much more accurate to the play and the book then the Disneyized version. Still no poisoned cake with green frosting (haven't seen the play in years and I can still see sing part of the song from that seen). Went to the GDU (Grave Digger's Union, a shared universe system for V:tM) Game last night had some fun, got to revive the character I had in that game before it joined the GDU. Went to Marty's afterward and hung out with him and Jacob before my brain shut off and I fell asleep. Got to drive back up to work (marty lives about an hour away in the middle of nowhere) in the pouring rain(buckets I tell you...no wait it was more like my car was being shot by a fire hose...) with my faulty driver-side windshield wiper. That was oh so very fun. But I made it and I was on time so it was okay.

Sorry for the long update but LJ wasn't letting me log in because their new security protocols and my popup-stopper were having issues with each other. But its all good now..


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