Jan. 22nd, 2004

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Had my first day of class today. Went well I think. I'm the youngest person by far though and I think I might be the only one with out a college degree though...

Have a dilemma of a sort. Seriously thinking about joining the SCA... The Pennsic War (which sounds like a blast) ends on the same weekend that GenCon is... which is Aug. 19-22 this year. What are they thinking?!? All those poor college students going back to school... and the GenCon people have to know thats when Pennsic is. I mean the vast majority of older gamers (d&der's esp.) are or have been SCA members...*sighs*

Then this thing with Jack and Kearan. Need to find out the particulars... because its not that I don't like living at my parents... its just that I find myself liking living out of their house so much more. You can never go home and all that. And the more I think about moving in with them the more I'm liking it. Yes the reason I moved home was so I could save money. But I think, if the particulars aren't over $300 a monthish and I get this car I'm looking at (yes a car! shhh. don't tell my car, okay?)I think I can do it. Esp. if I get a new job.. and Ed from work just got one where he's making $11/hr and is still in training. He go it through Kelly Services, its answering phones. I can answer phones! Even if I have to get up obscenely early. I can do that...


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