Apr. 3rd, 2004

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The crap is out of the living room now! Yay! Of course now I have to go through an obstacle course to get to my bed, but I'll live.

Got to see Tokyo Godfathers with [livejournal.com profile] kinzokutaka. I missed a few minutes since he's terribly distracting,not a bad thing mind you... just need to go see a movie that I don't care if I miss part of. And wear a skirt ... which means I need to go shopping *sigh* I hate shopping. But anyhow, it was wonderful, you went from laughing to almost tears in a snap. I really ought to watch Perfect Blue and Millenium Actress sometime seeing as I own both of them. And the car ride back was in-ter-esting. Ahhh. Yeah. And snuggling was fun too. But then I'm in favor of snuggling no matter how you define the word. And he's very nice to snuggle up to, no da.

At Bloodrites I helped unleash temporary Hell On Earth. Well better than permanent Hell On Earth which was the other option. I saw Caine resurrected and then Lillith showed up and cut off his head. I lived to tell the tale and didn't get sucked into hell either... and got half of Caine's ashes *gloats*. Go me! And then the Malkavians fucked with my head. Goddamn malkavians, just because your Antidiluvian went and got himself permanently killed doesn't mean you should make get all hot and bothered for Joe Ravno... my poor Sarah can't look at him now.

Bored. Could go to game but, no offense [livejournal.com profile] kaudrim, but I think I'm getting a little burned out LARPing and will be skipping it. Much as I lurv playing Kim the Sociopathic Keeper of Elysium (and they say she's insane! Ha!)... be there next month okay? Maybe Brian's bored too. I will go call him now, yes.

Hell on Wheels is again tomorrow night. I will probably go, but it wil take quite a bit to convince me to skate again after last time. At least right now. Wait another month, maybe then...


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