Apr. 21st, 2004

nissinirvani: (Addendum)
1. Current Time: 12:06am


2. First Name: Lindsay
3. Middle Name: Christina
4. Last Name: Inskeep
5. Nickname(s): Nissi, Linny, Lindsay-ne-chan, Ditto, spider-baby, Crie
6. Favorite Nickname: rather partial to Nissi, myself
7. Least Favorite Nickname: …dunno
8. Hair Color: Red
9. Eye Color: Everchanging hazel, gray when I’m sick
10.Height: 5’3 ¾” (I’ll take every bit I can get…)
11.Sex: Female
12.Age: 23
13.Weight when born: 6 or 7 something? I was little…
14.Where do you live: Indianapolis
15.Month/Day/Year/ you were born: 6/24/80
16.your sign: Cancer, Year of the Monkey
17.Your e-mail: look harder…
18.Are you a righty, lefty, or ambidextrous: ambidextrous
19.Parents Names: Cheryl and Bob
20.Siblings: 1 sister
21.Siblings Names: Casey
22.Pets: 2 cats, 2 rats
23.Pets names: Buffy and BB, Guu-Chan and Twitch
24.Are you competing in any sports: *snorts*
25.What sports: nooo.
26.Where were you born: Springfield, Illnois


27.Color: Green, Black, Blue
28.Least favorite color: White
29.Food: Steak… chocolate…
30.Drink: milk
31.Season: Autumn
32.Least favorite: I like the rest fairly well..
33.Number: 13
34.Sport to play and compete in: Sports are evil.
35.Least favorite sport: See the above.
36.Sport to watch: I’m passingly fond of wrestling though, its rather amusing…
37.Least favorite sport to watch: The rest…
38.Athlete: *blink*
39.Year: …2004? I hope its better then the rest anyway ;)
40.Day of the week: Friday
41.Least favorite day of the week: Monday
42.Holiday: Samhain
43.Least favorite: Thanksgiving (I love my relatives. Really. )
44.Thing to wear: My oversized, really comfy, grey turtleneck sweatshirt
45.Magazine: Animerica, Shonen Jump
46.Cologne or perfume: icky unless your talking aromatherapy here… then… vanilla or myrrh
47.Stores to shop at: Half-Price Books, Borders, Hot Topic (stripey socks!!!)
48.Shampoo and Conditioner: Pantene Pro-V
49.Cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios
50.Least favorite cereal: Grape Nuts, or as we call them here, Peach Gravel, yick.
51.Sports Team/ Racing Driver: …no
52.Least favorite Sports Team/ Racing Driver: See the above
Fiction: Cabal and Imagica by Clive Barker, Tir Alainn Trilogy by Anne Bishop
Non-fiction: Male Colors by Gary P. Leupp
54.Restaurant: SideWok Cafe
55.Things to say or do: RPG, sex, watch anime
56.Radio Station: Don’t listen to the radio
57.Least favorite radio station: see the above…
58.Thing to do on weekends: hang out with my friend, watch movie, RPG

Have you Ever...

59.Mooned someone: Nope
60.T-peed someone’s house: no
61.Been on an airplane: Lots!
62.Been on a ship: Soon, I’m going on a cruuuuise
63.Been on a train: Yes
64.Saved someone’s life: …I don’t think so…
65.Shot a gun: Nah
66.Been in a car accident: hehehee. Yeeees.
67.Had an operational surgery: Actually no, though I have had stiches.
68.Visited another country: Yes, Canada and Japan, I hope to go back there someday…


69.What school do you go to: none at the mo
70.GPA: does not compute.
71.Favorite subject:
College: …I hate school
High School: Sculpture
72.Least favorite subject: Physics
73.Favorite teacher:
College: …
High School: Mrs. Ayres, she was the coolest art teacher
74.Least favorite teacher: Ah, my English teacher in 7th grade, she gave me a “F” because she didn’t like me, and then got caught, the bitch.
75.Favorite Grade: Sophmore Year, High School
76.Least favorite grade: 4th or 7th grade, both very much sucked.
77.What do you like most about school: …I hate school, but um… I do like learning.
78.What do you like least about school: homework


79.Favorite movie: Nightbreed
80.Least favorite movie: I’ve blanked those out for a reason you know.
81.Favorite actor and actress: The Rayment Twin and Christina Ricci (so kawaii)
82.Favorite Drama you have ever seen: Pride and Prejudice..?
83.Funniest Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
84.Action Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy
85.Romantic: Ah! My Goddess! The Movie
85.Horror: Nightbreed
86.Latest movie that you have seen: in a theater, Tokyo Godfathers
87.Favorite Adam Sandler movie: …
88.Least favorite: Why do you persist in this.
89.Favorite Chris Farley: I don’t think I’ve watched any of them actually


90.Favorite TV show: The Tribe, Witchhunter Robin, Mad Mad House
91.Favorite TV Channel: SciFi, Cartoon Network, WAM!, Animal Planet
92.Least favorite TV Channel: CMT
93.Favorite person on TV: Caleb Ross from the Tribe
94.Least favorite person on TV: Martha Stewart
95.least favorite TV Show: …Newlyweds
96.Last show you watched: Jungle wa Itsumo, Hale Nochi Guu (The jungle was nice and then came Guu)
97.Favorite commercial: The visa card one with the dog trying to get home…
98.Least favorite commercial: …
99.WWE or NWA TNA: *shrugs*
100. Favorite Wrestler: Jeff Hardy. Stop looking at me like that.
101. Springer or Oprah: Oprah, she encourages them to read at least.
102. Half way done, how do you feel? Bored still.


103. What type of computer do you have: A glorified paperweight…that is to say, a nearly 5 year old Compaq that doesn’t work.
104. What type of printer do you have: one that is out of ink.
105. Do you have speakers: Yep, and a subwoofer too.
106. How many people are on you buddy list: well that would require my computer working to see that…
107. Who do you talk to mostly when you are online: Cub, I miss my cubbiers.
108. Person(s) you never talk to but are on your buddy lists: Jakk
109. Last person you talked to on a messenger: I don’t remember that far back.
110. Person you hate most on messenger: … I don’t even remember evreyone whose on it!
111. Favorite website: www.fanfiction.net, www.elfwood.net, www.somethingawful.com
112. Least favorite website: …
113. Do you have a web page: used to
114. What is it: it was going to be for fanfiction
115. IBM or MAC: IBM, its where all my games are
116. Do you like messengers: Sometimes.
117. Which messenger system(s) do you have: Trillian and The Palace


118. Got drunk: no
119. Smoked: nope
120. Smoked marijuana: no again
121. Smoked crack: iie
122. Done shrooms: non
123. Tripped on acid: again no, pathetic, but in a good way…


124. Are you gay? Bi.
125. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend: yessish?
126. If so, what is his or her name: Brian, S~
127. How long have you been going out: month or so, soon.


128. Best female friend: Laura, S~, Jenn and Jess.
129. Best male friend: Brian, Egan, Jakk, Ryan, Kip and Jacob
130. Most hated female: Leslie Carr
131. Most hated male: Jody, someday I will have his head on a pig stick for the birds to shit on!
132. Person of preferred sex, you notice: All the time.
133. Do you believe in love at first sight: Certainly, though it will never happen to me.
134. Do you think you are in love: dunno.


135. Favorite kind of music: Just about anything except Country
136. Favorite album: Petshop of Horrors Soundtrack
137. Favorite song from that album: Melody
138. Least favorite: …I like the whole soundtrack, that's why its my favorite, see?
139. Favorite singer: Heather Thompson from Tapping the Vein, or Tomiko Van from Do as Infinity
140. Favorite music video: umm… the AMV for Final Fantasy IX using Sarah Brightman’s “Deliver Me”


141. ABC, NBC, or CBS: BBC :)
142. MTV or VH1: MTV
143. Spike TV or CMT: Spike TV, STAR TREK!!!
144. MTV or MTV2: MTV2


145. Do you like school: Not really.
146. Why? I enjoy learning.
147. Why not? I enjoy learning and school often doesn’t seem to be very conducive to that.
148. Going to college after high school: I was and will be again soon.
149. Why or Why not?: So that I can have a huge debt for a piece of paper that might be totally useless in the current economy.
150. If so, what college: IUPUI, its near, its cheap and they have most everything.
151. What to you want to major in: maybe Library Science, I keep coming back to that one.
152. Do you think you’ll be it: *shrugs*
153. What will you probably end up to be: Poor ;)


153. Can you drive: Yes.
154. Do you have your permit: … this really makes it show what age group wrote this doesn’t it?
155. What kind of car do you want to have when you grow up: Honda Civic Hybrid
156. Dodge or Toyota: no
157. Ford or Chevy: No, Buick or Honda okay?


158. Who do you hate?: Jody
159. Best advice someone has given you: If your angry at someone, calm down before replying (or whatever), that way you won’t say something you regret in the heat of the moment.
160. Who gave that to you: Mom
161. Best looking man or woman you have ever seen: …dunno…too many
162. Most you have you spent on a pair of shoes: $70
163. For: for my six inch heel knee high boots that I never where (I don’t want to die!)
164. Do you swear: all the damn time
165. Favorite swear word or phrase: twatwaffle! It’s fun to say and insulting.
166. Do you have a car: Yes
167. If so, what kind: Red Chevy Cavalier.
168. Where would you like to be right now: …Brian’s.
169. Where don’t you want to be now: work.
170. What are you wearing right now: comfy pj’s
171. Best inside joke you have heard: Wenis prinkle. Don’t ask.
172. Pepsi or Coke: Coke, especially from the fountain
173. Hat or sunglasses: Sunglasses
174. Person who knows the most about me: …
175. Loudest person: [Bad username or site: “blacktounges” @ livejournal.com]
176. Craziest or funniest person you know: Marty for the crazy.
177. How far have you gone?: Japan to the west, Ottowa to the North, Florida to the South, Manchester in the East… and yes I’ve gone all the way too *winks*.
178. Funniest person I know: …
179. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: *Points at large pile.* What do you think
180. If so what is it’s name: the main one, Blue Baby, I’ve had her since I was one, I even picked her out myself.
181. If you could dye your hair, what color would it be: Green would be cool.
182. Any piercings: Ears twice (three time technically, all healed up), left nostril.
183. If you could pierce any part of your body, where would you pierce it? There’s the $64,000 question…
184. Where wouldn’t you pierce your body at: … haven’t thought about it okay?
185. If you could have a tattoo: to start with, the kanji for monkey in dark red.
186. Where would you put it: Either just above my left breast or in between my shoulder blades, the boob is winning at the moment…
187. Where wouldn’t you put it: owww.
188. Dennis Rodman, cool or wacko: Cool
189. Drinks with or without ice cubes: Without
190. Do you have a collection: lots
191. If so, of what: anime, my little ponies, action figures, BOOKS
192. Are you a member of Columbia house: Yes
193. If so, how long: About a year
194. Do you have a night light: Yes, I don’t want to kill myself going to the bathroom.
195. Are you afraid of the dark: No
196. Something you’d like to try: …that’s a long list…
197. Bath or shower: bath if I have the time.
199. How many times do you brush your teeth a day? Twice at least
200. Boxers or briefs: panties or not at all
201. What do you think of the person who sent this to you: lifted it from a number of people, but they’re all good.
202. Is this the largest questionnaire you have ever filled out: No.
203. How do you feel after doing this survey: Still bored.
204. Are you going to pass this on: I don’t have to.
205. Why: LJ is a beautiful thing, it’s wonders to behold.
206. The time is: 1:24am
How long did it take you to fill this out: 1 hour, 18 minutes


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