May. 8th, 2004

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Ahh. Ahh yes. I've always stood up for [ profile] zombiewolf. Every time people have started in on the Tyson is .... conversation (what word is you always use [ profile] fereality, I've always either stood up for him or steered the conversation somewhere else. I helped run his Elder LARP, with all it's insane characters that any sane ST never would have even thought of allowing (this was a game where the 5th gen Ba'ali I was playing was really, relatively tame compared to the other PC's). Who always got stuck with helping everyone with character creation, never got to run any plots of her own, never was informed of any plots going on and got yelled at for the players being idiots? (yeah my nature is Metamorphosis, my demeanor is Humanity and I have magic resistance. I also have Green Path Thaum. Yeeeah. who let this character through? It wasn't me!) Me thats who. I'll admit I tease him unmercifully, but he teases back.

I rather wish I never had now. Never stood up for the little jerk, never tried to help him out.

'Cuz see now I know why he keeps changing the night so I can't play. Because the little twatwaffle doesn't want me to. Because I argue with him. Well no shit sherlock of course I'm going to argue with you when change stuff on my character sheet with even telling me, when you try to argue that the rather unique digestive system of a Redcap wouldn't destroy a nanite (mmm. yes. it would. Redcaps can digest TOXIC WASTE with nothing more than a chemical belch). When you tell me your going one way with the plot and the aribitrely try to fuck my character in the ass with a spiked baseball bat for no reason. This isn't Paranoia darling, your not supposed to go out of your way to seriously fuck with your players.

Oh yes the other reasons he doesn't want me playing? He says I didn't take my house flaws. Um. Yeah right. I'm an ADOPTED COMMONER member of a house. I only get the flaws for being a COMMONER in that house, I don't get all the house flaws because the only way to get all the fucking house flaws is if you are a SIDHE born into that house. Duh. I cut off both my pinkie fingers that my physical disfigurement required as per my oath to house balor. I don't work for Pentex. Umm... huh? I'm on their security force and the reason I'm not bound to Pentex is, as we discussed when this game first started, that house Balor wouldn't let Pentex have a member of the house for keeps and that I was officially there as a liaison (master of the dance is the official title in the house) for my house to Pentex. It's not as if I was the only one refusing to officially join pentex, either.

And now I know what he's done to my character while I wasn't there. He has "had your character possessed, her soul murdered, and her body eaten by a thunderworm". Gee no wonder he didn't want me to find out. Yeah. That would seriously piss me off... its one thing for that to happen while I was there. quite another to do it to me.

So its official now, I'm never ever going to play OR help moderate any game of Tyson's ever again. Right now I want plant my pointy-est pair of size 7's in his ass, if he's lucky I won't see or talk to him before I calm down. Feel free to tell him so.
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Oh now he's done it. Mikey-ni-chan had said yesterday at Matt, Jaci and Chris's party (which was a blast btw, more later) that tyson had posted to his precious little list about the date change. I never recieved that post but he uses yahoogroups and I use hotmail. Occasionally stuff posted on yahoogroups takes forever and a day to get to hotmail. I figured innocently enough that was what happened. Though now I know why it wasn't showing up in the "my groups" section in the yahoo addy I have my hotmail linked to when I was trying to find directions to Jesse's house thursday.

Bastard fucking removed me from the list. Doesn't say anything to me, just unsubscribes me. I would eventually forgive the not being able to tell me why he was keeping me out of the game. This however? This goes beyond hedging and dancing around the issue. This is delibrate. I tried to send an email to the list requesting a copy of my character sheet (white wolf has stated that characters are the intellectual property of the people who created them, so I'm entitled to a copy) and inform them (fairly politely for me in a lousy mood I might add) that I would no longer be going to any game he runs. Get a reply from yahoogroups telilng me that the email address used is not a member of the list. Seeing as all the email I've gotten from that list has come through that particular email addy I don't think I messed up.



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