Aug. 14th, 2004

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...their parents having sex. Oi. *headdesk* Must get a computer down to my room soon, I've be traumatized now! My dad even came in here to say goodnight, the least he could have done was shut the door. He always shuts the door, why the hell didn't he tonight? Ahh... at least they don't have their old headboard anymore... that thing was soooo very noisey.

Hn. As [ profile] anij has just inadvertently reminded me if you want me to get you GenCon passes when I go to get them Wednesday you need to get your money to me ASAP. I can't afford to do the old "I'll pay for your ticket and hopefully you'll remember to pay me back later" thing again. I mean people still haven't paid me for Family Values tickets from six years ago! Or so my mother reminds me every time the subject of me buying other people's tickets come up...

Additionally has anyone heard from Laura ([ profile] kesyrah)? I regret to say I forgot to get her new contact information before she left and I emailed her earlier last week and she still hasn't replied. She's supposed to be up for GenCon. But yeah, all those people, the chance of accidentally running into her are slim. And we were supposed to be roommates on the Goth Cruise but she never replied (months ago) when I asked if she was still going, are we rooming etc. (I think I'm seeing a trend... no more emailing laura to get info!) I kinda need to know since me going is hedging on me having at least one roommate. I can't afford to have a cabin all to myself and I have issues with rooming with a total stranger...



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