Aug. 20th, 2004

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This one is painful to me... when will these people learn how to do height/weight properly?? Oh yes, and the suethor's summary of the story: "Nikki Shine, the daredevil from down under, is the new boarder on the circuit. OC story. Chap 4 up on 8-14-04. Read and Review please. Not a Mary Sue, Not a skater-goth-punk OC, either. Thank God." Not a Mary Sue my ass.
Story Or Series Title: Daredevil
Fandom: SSXTricky
Culprit Author's Name: ssxgurl21

Full Name (plus titles if any): Nikki Shine
Full Species(es): stick figure apparently
Hair Color (include adjectives): Long, straight, beach blonde
Eye Color (include adjectives): Saphire blue Oi. Spell check please?
Unusual Markings/Colorations: 5'7" and only 98lbs. Do you have any idea how far under the anorexia mark this is on the BMI (Body Mass Index)? And this girl is supposed to be an extreme athelete...
Special Possessions (if any): Poor Eddie's heart in the palm of her perfectly tanned hand.

Annoying Origin:Australia Poor Australians!
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: They assigned her to room with Eddie. Poor Eddie. Am I the only one that gets tired of these sues getting put in the same room as someone of the opposite gender? Is this at all realistc? No.
Annoying Special Abilities: Apparently good at Surfing, Bungee jumping, hang Gliding, Parasailing, Wakeboarding and basically any other daredevil adrenaline like sport Or so she says
Other Annoying Traits: Exists.

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GenCon 2004 Started yesterday *squee* and I must say the ony problem with walking around with a Drow, an Elf and a Sarr (think cat girl) is getting stopped every five feet for pictures. Should have had them charge money, could have made at least $50 at a $1 a picture... More later need to hurry up and get gone...


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