Apr. 23rd, 2004


Apr. 23rd, 2004 10:55 pm
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So for the first time in over a month I went to Darwin's Theory at Fusion (Thursday Goth-ish Night). I don't know if its just gone down hill, or if it was just an off night but there was practically nobody there. It was like it was back on wednesday night or something. Before that I talked to Brian for an hour or so and resisted to urge to hop in my car and go there instead. He in turn resisted the urge to invite me over. Damn willpower rolls, I rather wished I had botched.

I had fun, bouncing around getting my new haircut complimented. Pierre pinched my cheeks and told me I looked very cute. Jess was there and arrangements have been made for me to go buy that dress on Sunday. Yay. My lovely, somewhat slutty friend S~ was there. She's fun, terribly bouncy and terribly fun to kiss. If I hadn't had to work in the morning and still had my own place... *sigh* yeah. So she went home with Egan instead. Poor Nate. *pats nate* They weren't to loud were they? She's promised to call me since my little mute gangrel ships out for basic on tuesday and is apparently having a going away party. Egan told me "don't ever change" which makes me wonder what exactly he means by that. It sounds innocuous enough but...yeah, maybe I'm reading between the lines to much. Or maybe I'm not. Arg. Boys.

[livejournal.com profile] blacktounges wants to do my make-up for me and has made vague threats about making sure I keep my hair cut short. It makes me nervous. Not the hair, the make-up. The last time I went to make-up counter I ended up feeling like I had something icky stuck to my face and the bint behind the counter kept trying to darken my facial skintone. Annoying. I know she won't do that, since she's even paler than I am. But yeah it makes me nervous, I usually do everyone elses make-up...but that's for gaming usually and is a bit more...hmm.. dramatic than everyday make-up. Jacob make-up for the Sabbat Halloween game went esp. well I think, he was freaking people out driving down the highway *G*.

Then I saw it. That... mistake... I made was there. I'm told that he came last time too. I think by the way I kept using Egan, Nate, S~ and Finch as convenient human shields he may have *finally* gotten the idea that just because he finally got the phone account transferred to his name (after I threatened to call his father about it. Fuck I should have done that anyway) doesn't mean I will be anything vaguely resembling friends. Even if he paid me the money he owes me (he did promise to pay for half the damage to my car that he made, and half the trip too, he owes me something like $1000 after all of that) I still want his head on stick in my backyard for the birds to shit on.

Vindictive, who me? Never.

But Fusion was still fun.


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